Friday, March 27, 2009

Your Wife Provides Balance To Your Life

Who You Gonna’ Believe? Stem Cell Research


Here is an audio link from that explains much of the controversy on stem cell research and how the big huge stem cell move by President Obama is a yawn at best. But isn’t it more fun to demonize the Christian view than understand the truth? Of course it is.

MP3 Download Link

Thursday, March 26, 2009

You Are Lookin’ Mighty Tasty

I like looking for “bottom line” agendas. “Too many people” is an old reliable Luciferian principle. I’m not surprised whose side Ted is on, are you? If Mr. Turner had any honor, he would be contacting Dr. Kvorkian right now. Do the honorable thing Ted and be first in line. It's for the good of the planet ... for once I agree. (OK, I take it back)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Didn’t You Ever Go To The Movies?












I can see it now. You are standing before the judgment and whining that you didn’t know the end was near. It came without warning you complain. My church didn’t talk about the end of time you whimper.

“Didn’t you ever go to the movies?” the judge of all the earth replies.

Computer Stuff

Current laptop offerings I would consider:

Gateway - FX Edition Laptop with Intel® Centrino® 2 Processor Technology

Model: P-7805u $1149

I have Model P-7811FX (the older brother) and love it. This is more computer than most people need. The graphics are powerful, the screen is beautiful, the camera (Skype you know) works great. It takes 2 hard drives for big time storage. It is the best bang for your buck today and has been for several months. Gaming is what is does best so everything else is a piece of cake.

The only negative is the 7805u has the WXGA screen and mine has WUXGA. Some of the 7805’s have WUXGA but how you get one is mysterious. WXGA is fine but once you have WUXGA going back is tough. The difference is resolution and not a deal killer. Some people prefer WXGA. If I had to buy one today, this would be my choice. Yes, I would try to get the WUXGA but would settle for WXGA.

Sound on this model is nothing to brag about and the right palm rest gets toasty with 2 HD’s but the machine itself runs cool for all its power. Just keep the back propped up so it can breathe.

What about sound?

  • Sony

Sony MDR-7506 Circumaural Closed-Back Professional Monitor Headphone

I love this head set. No microphone, only sound but what wonderful sound. They are a little snug at first but I’m getting accustomed to them or they are loosening up. Either way they are a winner. Again these are more than anyone needs but top shelf. They fold up well for portability.

Just want to surf and email?

Acer America

Acer Extensa EX4630-4922 NoteBook Intel Pentium dual-core T3400(2.16GHz)

I may give this a try for $399 and free shipping. It’s only 14 inch but that is enough. Really it is more portable with 14 and isn’t that the idea? I’d throw another 2GB of ram in it. Dual core at 2+GHz is important. I don’t have one but would not be afraid of it. Don’t plan on playing the most recent hot game offering and it will be fine.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PaleoBabble (Keeping Our Heads Straight)

PaleoBabble: "Despite the photographic evidence below, I’m still on the side of human construction for the pyramids." (Dr. Heiser on pyramid construction)


Amidst my fascination with conspiracies, nephilim, and assorted Illuminated mischief; I like to include real scholars in my nap sack to keep from getting too far adrift from reality. Michael Heiser's Blog is a good compass for directional reality. The truth is sufficiently weird and exciting without us having to make stuff up.

A Peaceful Religion Speaks Out

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fearing God Is Only An Old Testament Idea ... Isn't It?

Matthew 10:28 (King James Version)

28And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.


Jesus didn't think so. Fear of God is the beginning of knowledge.

God is Holy, separate from us, different from man, infinitely greater, infinitely more powerful, beyond all others in righteousness and glory and purity and perfection. He is not our buddy, no good old boy. But He loves us and consistently offers to be our Father if we accept the finished work of His Son, Jesus, through whom we also can become son's of God by adoption. We deserve only damnation now and will never deserve more through our own efforts. Only through the sacrificial work of our kinsman redeemer could we be purchased and made acceptable to God. No other way can man be made acceptable to God. Nothing else could bridge the enormous gap of difference between man and God.

To Save this file to your desktop simply right click on the file and choose save target as from the menu selection The Awful Presence Of God by David Wilkerson

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Everything Search Engine

Everything Search Engine: "Everything search engine

Locate files and folders by name instantly."

I know this does not follow any particular theme heretofore on this blog but this little program is so WoW I just had to mention it. Finding where a certain file or program is on your computer can be a challenge for new users (and old users at times). This is the fastest little search engine I have ever seen. Just download the portable version and remember how to get to it for starting it up. Results are almost instantaneous on my Vista 64 machine.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh, That Joe! -- Gimme a Break -- Spirit of Dick Cheney

Political Punch: Oh, That Joe! (No. 48 in a Series) -- Gimme a Break: "That met with Vice President Biden's standard reply.

'Gimme a f*&$#ing break,' he said, apparently unaware that the microphone was on."


Remember main stream media's detailed and in depth coverage of Dick Cheney's f-word greeting to Patrick Leahy? The once certain proof of Cheney's evil, vile, meanness will no doubt now transform into the certain proof of Biden's good ole boy warmth - Joe is one of us - coverages, if it is mentioned at all. Do we need really need once again examples of media's left handed spin? Probably not. Just sayin'.

Still the key question is not right vs left. It is straight and narrow vs crooked and broad. Do any of us really expect, on judgment day, to be separated by our political affiliation? Are the sheep conservatives and the goats liberals? Yes I know a case can be made today and a good one, too. But right vs left is the wrong discussion for eternal significance.

Proverbs 14:12 "There is a way which seems right to a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death."

Friday, March 13, 2009

Republican National Chairman Michael Steele says abortion is a choice, homosexuality is not

Republican National Chairman Michael Steele says abortion is a choice, homosexuality is not: "I think that's an individual choice (to have an abortion)."


Does Mr. Steele really support abortion (as the article suggests)? I don't know what Mr. Steele thinks by reading this no context excerpt. Probably he meant that having an abortion is a choice as opposed to no choice in being Gay (as the title suggests). Feel better now? This morass will be difficult for Mr. Steele to sift through. Looks like a rock and a hard place if I ever saw one.

Evangelicals are cutting themselves, donning sackcloth and digging through the ash pile. Their political clout (for all the good it ever did them) is slipping away. Now what will God do? This is tragic indeed. God's nation going broke (I thought it was Israel but whatever), God's political party straying in theology (I though they had platforms but whatever), what next? Maybe it was not God after all and our efforts and energies (as least our loyalties) were misplaced. The more grieving I see, the more convinced I am that the Kingdom of God is a foreign land to many Christians in the US of A. The Kindom of God is internal (resident within us) and the world experiences it only as it spills out of the Body of Christ into the earthly Kingdoms. Yes, there have been times when God sovereignly moved in revivals and altered the landscape, but these times are not the norm. When Christ returns He will establish the Kingdom of God on Earth. Until then we would be well advised to recognize the two kingdoms and keep them separate. "Be ye separate," where have I heard that before?

Time to drag out those old Greg Boyd sermons perhaps (the ones that got him into so much trouble with politically active Christians and earned him the Heretic Award ... again). Maybe he did have something valuable to say.

Link to Pastor Boyd's opinions.

Personal Big Huge Opinion: Pastor Boyd is probably more right than wrong in many ways. Tough calls abound. Was opposing slavery politically the right thing. It would seem so. Yet Biblical instruction is given to slaves to be the best slave you can be, obedient to your masters. No revolution? Some condemn the Bible because they see this as supporting slavery. But is it not more clearly the expression of the two kingdoms. One kingdom ruling in earthly fashion, the other influencing through being salt and light. No one said it was easy.

It appears history verifies the impossibility of creating and maintaining a Kingdom of God political structure. The result of mixing the two eventually serves to corrupt the Kingdom of God aspect while leaving the power seeking political firmly intact. Men seek their own way, their own power. The unseen "powers of the air" seek their own way, their own power. Citizens of the Kingdom of God would seek to relinquish all power to a perfect and just God. So what would that even look like in a political system today or any day? Can Democrats or Republicans or Libertarians or Communists/Socialists pull this off. Who is even trying, what political platform has God at its center. Our "big tent" politics needed to maintain power would not even know which god to head for. Is it the pantheistic god of the Hindus, is it Jesus or transcendental energy or all of them in Bahia fashion.

Sounds like the world is in a mess. The answer is and always was and always will be a resounding YES. Yes until the return of the Messiah to set up His kingdom for ever and ever. The Good News is we can gain citizenship in the Kingdom of God in the here and now through faith in Jesus Christ. What good does it do now? If you are a US citizen living in a war zone or prison camp John McCain style, the advantages are not always physically evident. You still get shot, beaten and your bones broken. Are there not similarities with being a citizen of the Kingdom of God while living in the here and now? Differences exist also. Kingdom of God benefits for here and now citizens certainly exist in ways beyond what earthly citizenship can offer. But the more concerned we are about our benefits the less likely we are to see (as in recognize or understand) the Kingdom of God.

Still, the Bible has plenty of advice on how to live our lives in the here and now. This advice carries its own reward. But is this that same living in the Kingdom of God? For instance the Bible suggests low or no debt is advisable. So if we have no debt, is that one aspect of the Kingdom of God? Some call it a "Kingdom Principle." To be sure in this day of financial problem we can see the wisdom of no debt. And there were those who believed in no debt and cared nothing about God. Are there people walking in the Kingdom of God and care nothing about him? And then there is Donald Trump, Mr. Leverage, the Debt King and the envy of many. Can debt be so bad if it can make you so rich?

Maybe the answer lies in our focus. Certainly low debt is a less stressful way to live. But is avoiding stress a Kingdom focus? Is it possible to desire no debt because God said it. Can we pursue no debt through our desire to obey the King? Can a simple debt issue be a test (ours not His) of our Love for Christ, not in the doing of it but in the why of doing it? Maybe two people can be doing the exact same thing but one is doing it for himself and the other is doing it for God. One would then be in the world and the other in the Kingdom of God in that aspect of his life. Or to put it another way, two can be grinding at the mill, one will be taken and the other left behind. What we do under God's leading and guidance because God is worthy of our loyalty and commitment is Kingdom of God stuff. Change the focus, change the kingdom.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

God Wouldn't Really Send Someone To Hell ... Would He?

Here is an interesting article on Hell. Well worth the reading.

You might want to brush up on Jesus' opinion: (from the article)

How often do we hear that a good God would not condemn people to hell. I'm always struck by the arrogance of such a conclusion. Do these people ask the cockroach in the kitchen what to serve for dinner? Are we really qualified to decide what is appropriate for God?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Understanding David Flynn

Understanding David Flynn's concepts and conclusions takes a bit of concentration and familiarity. Some Googling for Mr. Flynn will provide ample opportunity. Youtube contains good sources. I find him interesting and provocative but understanding where he is coming from and where he is going takes time. David Flynn's recent interview with Steve Quayle does a fair job of weaving these threads together and making sense of it all. I'm not sure that listening to it without background will be as enlightening but if you have any familiarity with Flynn's concepts, you are in for a treat.

Download Location:

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Were Do All These Gods Come From? - Passage Lookup: Psalm 82: "Psalm 82
A psalm of Asaph.
1 God presides in the great assembly;
he gives judgment among the 'gods':

2 'How long will you [a] defend the unjust
and show partiality to the wicked?

3 Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless;
maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed.

4 Rescue the weak and needy;
deliver them from the hand of the wicked.

5 'They know nothing, they understand nothing.
They walk about in darkness;
all the foundations of the earth are shaken.

6 'I said, 'You are 'gods';
you are all sons of the Most High.'

7 But you will die like mere men;
you will fall like every other ruler.'

8 Rise up, O God, judge the earth,
for all the nations are your inheritance.


1. Psalm 82:2 The Hebrew is plural."

Michael Heiser offers some fascinating work on the "Divine Council" at his following website:

Having an understanding of the Divine Council clarifies many areas of the Old and New Testaments. The struggle by Jews and Christians (yes and Muslims, would that were their only problem) to avoid polytheism has distorted much of the subject beyond comprehension. Michael Heiser knows his stuff, is fun to read and is, I believe, right on the mark. Thank you Dr. Heiser.

This is not a new subject but I appreciate Heiser's clarity on the Hebrew "plurality," separating the "dual powers" from the "sons of God." In plain language Jesus is not a good brother of bad Lucifer. Jesus not only existed with God prior to the creation of all things but created all things ... now we are getting somewhere. Some who recognize the existence of a divine council in the ancient religions say Heiser is torturing the Hebrew text for theological reasons and the Hebrew is the same as the others ie God is just tougher, stronger, smarter than the other gods. But the Hebrew God could, according to the text, withdraw immortality from the gods. Sounds different to me. Is it possible that all these ideas originated from the same truth but some have been distorted by the fallen gods? I suppose if one believes it is all a fiction then that is a tough conclusion to draw.

Other Interesting Forays:
The Divine Council and the Kabbalah (containing more links)
PID Interview
FutureQuake Interview

Friday, March 6, 2009 - Ten Shekels and a Shirt - Ten Shekels and a Shirt: "Ten Shekels and a Shirt"

Dear friends, there is only one reason, one reason for a sinner to repent and that is because Jesus Christ deserves the worship and the adoration and the love and the obedience of his heart, not because he will go to heaven. If the only reason you repented, dear friend, was to keep out of hell all you are is just a Levite serving for 10 shekels and a shirt. That’s all. You are trying to serve God because he will do you good. But a repentant heart is a heart that has seen something of the enormity of the crime of playing god and denying the just and righteous God the worship and obedience that he deserves.

Why should a sinner repent? Because God deserves the obedience and love that he has refused to give him, not so that he will go to heaven.

If the only reason he repents is so that he will go to heaven, it is nothing but trying to make a deal or a bargain with God.
Paris Reidhead


Downloading and listening to this sermon may be your most valuable endeavor. It is the best sermon I've ever heard. I've probably recommended this before. I like to listen to it now and again as a direction check, my little GPS device informing me how far off track I am at any moment.

Revival Hymn Downloads at

Revival Hymn Downloads at "The Salvationists can scarcely read their flaming evangelical history without tears. Has the glory of the evangelical revival under Wesley ever gripped the hearts of the Methodists of today? Have they read of the fire-baptized men in Wesley's team? Men like John Nelson, Thomas Walsh, and a host of others whose names are written in the Book of Life; men persecuted and kicked in the streets when they held street meetings? Yet as their blood flowed from their wounds, their tears flowed from their eyes. Have the Holiness people set a guard at the door of the beauty parlors lest any sister should enter to get her hair curled, while a block away there is a string of prostitutes trying to sell their sin-wracked bodies with none to tell them of eternal love? Do the Pentecostals look back with shame as they remember when they dwelt across the theological tracks, but with the glory of the Lord in their midst? When they had a normal church life, which meant nights of prayers, followed by signs and wonders, and diverse miracles, and genuine gifts of the Holy Ghost? When they were not clock watchers, and their meetings lasted for hours, saturated with holy power? Have we no tears for these memories, or shame that our children know nothing of such power? Other denominations had their Glory Days of revival. Think of the mighty visitations to the Presbyterians in Korea. Remember the earth-shaking revival in Shantung. Are those days gone forever? Have we no tears for revival?
Leonard Ravenhill"


In times of severe trouble and need God at times sends his spirit with revival. Would that not be wonderful? Could we not then view this current difficulty as a tremendous blessing. To paraphrase Leonard Ravenhill, "we do not need a new definition of Christianity, we need a new demonstration of Christianity." Give me that old time religion.

"Fortunately, we have Keith Olbermann"

"Fortunately, we have Keith Olbermann"
March 4, 2009

I like Ann Coulter. I think she is smart, quick and yes sassy. Few people can as effectively crystallize and focus a point and always make me laugh while doing it.

I dislike Keith Olbermann. I think he is dull, dense and yes boring, obnoxious, etc. So Ms. Coulter's article on Mr. Olbermann and my dislike of Mr. Olbermann was the marriage made in heaven for me. Yes, I now understand Mr. Olbermann better, too.

Just follow the link and enjoy. But really, it's no BigHugeThing.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

From Where Will It Come

Image from ThePeoplesCube (who knows where they acquired it?)
Euphorians have seized the day. Worry and fear flows freely in the streets. Only the incurably delusional and the insatiably power hungry are buying into the current "solution" as viable. This is a good time for believers in the one true God to exercise their faith. Faith in what? Faith that we personally will not be affected by an economic crash? Faith that we personally will remain rich, fat, happy. Or is it faith that Christ is our sufficiency in and through all circumstances?

On a more practical side, we may have in-your-face opportunities to give more than a cup of cold water to fellow pilgrims.

Matthew 25:37-40 (New International Version)

37"Then the righteous will answer him, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? 39When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?'

40"The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Let Us Be Of One Mind

I met a Christian just pumped about "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. As you may know Mr. Tolle is "many paths lead to God" Opra's buddy. It is beyond me how a Christian can not see Tolle's ideas for what they are, warmed up Eastern/Transcendental philosophy. Or in more accurate terms, Luciferian logic. I had no apparent luck with Mr. Tolle's new diciple. Perhaps they will stumble upon the truth or the Holy Spirit will reveal it along the way if they are listening.

Here is a brief article on Tolle's first book.

Here is perhaps a more interesting Blog discussion. Notice the paradigm of Tolle supporters. That alone should tell you something, Mr. Christian.

Why would this be Big or Huge? The open arm popularity of this old deception in new clothing may evidence the soon coming return of the true God and savior, Jesus Christ. Now that is a BigHugeThing!

Let's be clear. Man's attempt to reach a perfected state without God or outside of God is not new. Man's attempt to alter his consciousness, thus elevating his consciousness and joining with a supreme consciousness and becoming one IS NOT NEW! Why do people keep falling for this foolishness? There are many paths to stupidity ... that's my new philosophy.