Monday, August 31, 2009

Finally - The Burn Bush Craze Is Waning

Saw this linked on a blog that previously posted a preponderance of anti Bush material. Good to see the love spread around.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Perfect Storm?

John Paul Jackson is associated with the Elijah List people. I am cautious about these people because of what I see as “dominionist”* leanings (and then there is the whole Todd Bentley thing among others) but they are Christian and I do believe people can hear from God. Everything supernatural is not from God and we can make stuff up on our own. Yes, there is a strangeness to these people and they wear it with pride. I do not believe strangeness in and of itself either validates or discredits a ministry or word. But we in the Church who have been paying attention to God stuff over the years understand that what Mr. Jackson is saying in general is what has been said for many years. The prophecies in the Old Testament took forever to come to pass and people tired of hearing it and quit believing it would come to pass. I fall into that category with what Mr. Jackson is saying. Some part of me believes what he is saying but I have been hearing it for 30 years in some form or other.

Let’s be honest. We are seeing things develop across our global landscape that scream apocalypse. We may be wise to factor in Mr. Jackson’s information into our decision making. If nothing else, it makes for interesting conversation. Don't we all hope the "Glory of God" part happens? Give me some of that! Whether or not you sign up for "seer" training I will leave up to you. I'll pass on training and just wing it as usual.

Video Link

*Dominionist Definition: Christians will take over planet earth (re-establish Adam’s legal ownership) and then Jesus will return for that bride who is no longer spotted and wrinkled. [BHNSD Big Huge Nut Shell Dictionary]

Here is a more complete account:

Want more? Go here.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Integrity In The Workplace

If you have not ordered on line from B&H Photo, you may wish to check it out. Presumably the owners are Jewish and they abstain from conducting business on the Sabbath. This alone does not prove integrity but I find it interesting that reviews of B&H are always top notch and my personal experience with them corresponds. Who in today's commercial (dog eating dog) world abstains from doing business on any day of the week? Hats off to them, I say. Yes, their prices are usually terrific as well.
B&H Link

"It ain't [America] no more, OK?"

The current "protests" are interesting. Conservatives normally make poor protesters. Their heart is not in it for the long run. They have too much to do. They are more interested in earning a living and not upsetting the status quo (assuming said status quo is now or has some reasonable chance of working out). But I suppose conservatives could be pressed into a situation where the status quo is so dysfunctional that even the "silent majority" can no longer tolerate it. We are early in the current people's revolution and the Bolsheviks have only just begun their bloodless coup d’├ętat. The jury is still out on the public's true outrage.

I admire the pleasant but firm manner of the police officer. There is some question as to whether the officer is creating new law (do we really want our officers making things up). One wonders if he really did have instruction to suppress all signs with pictures or if he simply and personally objected to this particular picture. Then we must wonder if pictures can legally be suppressed. And are school grounds and churches really different from other geographic locations when it comes to protesting as some bystander stated? Who was that masked man? This is an interesting exchange on so many levels. And then there is the Freudian slip, "It ain't (America) no more, OK."

The entertainment value of these new protests is truly worth the price of admission.

Change Excel 2007 Save As

Burned again by an .xlsx file, I am going to tell you how to change the default save in Excel 2007. This can be found elsewhere but not as clearly presented (that I found).

Open a worksheet. Left click this button in the upper left corner. This is were Microshaft has hidden the standard commands.

Now left click the “options” box on the bottom.

Left click “Save”

Now select the *.xls and click OK. Your new workbooks should default save as *.xls. (Word and Power Point should be similar – what are the chances?)

Where the heck are people getting Office 2007? I can't believe they are actually paying for it. I receive xlsx files from the most unlikely people.

Here is a link but more than you need to know.

Edit: It occurs to me that many users do not know what a file extension is. I can't remember when Windows started defaulting to not showing the file extensions but many users don't even know extensions exist or why. Go to Folder Options in Control Panel and uncheck the box as shown below. This is only so you can know what is going on. I always have file extensions showing.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Qaddafi Son: 'Obvious' Lockerbie Bomber's Release Tied to Oil - Europe | Map | News -

Cute together, no?

Qaddafi Son: 'Obvious' Lockerbie Bomber's Release Tied to Oil - Europe | Map | News - "As questions swirl whether British Prime Minister Gordon Brown paid a dictator's ransom when he released the Lockerbie bomber last week, the Libyan strongman's son said it was 'obvious' that efforts to free the convicted killer were tied to lucrative contracts with the oil-rich state."


Gordon Brown is a liberal. Don't liberals hate oil and global warming? Don't they hug trees and sneer at economic advancement? Whoops ... I guess they make deals with the devil for oil. A George Bush in Ralph Nader clothing?

"Look into my eyes when you're talkin' to me." (Can you tilt your head a little?)

Possible tags: hypocrisy, deception, cute-photo-op, chestfullofmedalsthirdworldtinhorndictator

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Life to order: Man-made organisms will be here in four months, say biologists | Mail Online

Life to order: Man-made organisms will be here in four months, say biologists | Mail Online: "Researchers successfully transferred
the DNA of one type of bacteria into a yeast cell, modified it and then transferred it into another bacterial cell."


1. Deja Vous? How many of these "creating life" proclamations have you seen over the years? Still not really done?
2. Note the "transferred" term in the article.
3. OK, these people are not creating life from scratch. They are modifying a simple form life at the gene level. Sure, it's a big deal (or could be) but not creating life in the God sense.

So there is still room for future "scientists create life" breakthrough proclamations.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dark Matter - Energy Primer

Do you need a brush up on what dark matter/energy is? Well nobody knows really but here is a well done presentation. TED has more than one on this subject.

Lutherans to allow sexually active gays as clergy - Yahoo! News

Lutherans to allow sexually active gays as clergy - Yahoo! News: "MINNEAPOLIS – Leaders of the nation's largest Lutheran church voted Friday to allow sexually active gays and lesbians in committed relationships to serve as clergy."


Perhaps my imagination is running wild but the next Lutheran convention could be more interesting. Is there some odd coincidence that this is happening in "let's elect Al Franken" Minnesota?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Microsoft Office 2007 (Just Say No)

Do yourself a favor (and everyone else) and just say no to Microsoft Office 2007. There is little to no reason for common man to use anything beyond Office 97 unless you have need of the edit mark up in Word. But Vista does not like Office 97 (it still works but needs some attention) so Office 2003 works better with Vista and beyond.

So what is my complaint about Excel 2007 (besides the obscure new menu that defies human logic and understanding)? I HATE the .xlsx extension and format. People (including me) forget to "save as" .xls so that anything earlier than 2007 can work with the file. This is a continuous problem and I have found no free and/or good conversion path. Maybe the new law suit will rescue us from .xlsx? Good news I say.

Gee, did you recently experience irritation with an xlsx file. Well yes, how perceptive of you.

Sure I could have changed the default save format to .xls (assuming I could find it in the MENU)!

On the other hand you may wish to upgrade Windows Live Movie Maker here: If you are using Vista or beyond it works. This is quite good and easy to use.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Enlightend Art

Unknown credit?

Fair and Balanaced

So I oppose Socialism because I've been duped by Rush Limbaugh? Opposing Socialism and irresponsible government spending and oppressive government control is racially motivated (even if you don't realize it)? Interesting spin I must say. Give them credit for being creative.

We don't really need more context for the tilted media but this clip is a great broad view reminder.

Do You Know How Fast You Were Driving?

Not that humanity in general will learn anything from our present experience. That may be too much to hope. But the next time someone is labled a "tax and spend liberal," we have a current and significant example with whom to relate. This may come in handy when voting on future candidates for public office.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Evil Agenda?

Liberty Counsel: "School employees in Santa Rosa County, Florida are facing criminal prosecution because of a prayer!

Pace High School Principal Frank Lay and Athletic Director Robert Freeman are facing criminal contempt charges for allegedly violating a court order prohibiting prayer. The ACLU claimed the two men were responsible for a prayer of blessing over a meal at an appreciation luncheon with former booster club members and other adults who helped with a field house project.

Liberty Counsel represents Principal Lay and Director Freeman. A trial is scheduled for September 17. If convicted, Mr. Lay and Mr. Freeman could be fined or jailed, yet neither willfully violated any court order.

Last year the ACLU filed a lawsuit against the school district, claiming that some of the teachers and administration 'endorsed' religion. Rather than fight, the district consented to a very broad order fashioned by the ACLU, essentially banning employees from engaging in prayer or religious activities, whether before, during, or after school hours.

Without hearing legal argument, a federal court entered the Consent Order, which unconstitutionally infringes on the rights of teachers, administrators, and students. The ACLU then complained that Mr. Freeman and Mr. Lay violated the order at the luncheon, so a federal judge initiated criminal contempt proceedings and referred the case to the United States Attorney's office for prosecution.

Wake up America: Persecution is here! It is truly outrageous that this can happen in our beloved country that was founded on Christian principles."

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Paving the Road to Hell

Notice how the intelligencia can embrace the most horrible and ridiculous. This little clip of history highlights an idea that I have always found interesting. Blindly accepting elite or scientific as definitive can lead you into a ditch. Are they always wrong? Of course not ... but not always right either.

A clever person once said that those who cannot remember the past (history) are condemned to repeat it.

A more clever person said that the only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history. Sadly this seems too true.

The Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D

Monday, August 10, 2009

Speed Read (If you can find anything worth reading)

More DIY videos at

gods of the Bible (new interview with Dr. Heiser)

The Divine Council: "THE OLD Testament is a record of rebellion. Fallen angels, placed over the nations by God after the Tower of Babel incident, led the peoples under their control in a war of extermination against the one nation reserved by Yahweh for Himself.

In other words, Baal, Asherah, Molech, Chemosh, Dagon, and the other gods who bedeviled the ancient Hebrews weren’t simply constructs of wood and stone; they were real. They still are.

Dr. Michael S. Heiser, scholar of the Bible and Ancient Near Eastern languages and history, shares the biblical evidence for the Divine Council paradigm and explains why it matters to Christians today."

Another Interiew with Dr. Heiser
Click Me To Listen or Download
Divine Council Web Page
Divine Council Power Point

God (elohim) stands in the divine council;
in the midst of the gods (elohim) he passes judgment.
Psalm 82:1

An understanding of the dual power concept of divinity as it historically existed in ancient Israel clarifies that Christians did not create the concept to support the divinity of Jesus. It also clarifies many Biblical passages and concepts. You will arrive at the same theological position as standard Christianity but you will understand more clearly why you have arrived.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Abortion Cemetery

Today Dr. Charles Stanley mentioned the size of the cemetery needed to hold all of the babies aborted since 1973. His estimate was 100 square miles. Often a different view of a situation alters how we view that same situation. I found the 100 square mile cemetery concept startling.

I did wonder about the numbers so I did a few simple calculations. The 40 million abortion number is disputed by some but anyone’s numbers are large. Infant caskets range in length and width but the mean is 36 inches long and 30 inches wide. I have no idea what the true average is nor do I know how the caskets would be spaced. So let’s just use the mean and place them end to end.

40 million caskets x 36 inch median length (end to end) is 22,727 thousand miles long. To arrive at a 200 mile length (necessary for a 100 sq. mile plot) one would have to assume containers are much shorter than 3 feet for aborted babies. This may be true. But any way one figures the numbers, the numbers are huge. 40 million will do that every time.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gangster Government

It's easy to like this woman. A voice of reason from Minnesota? Who would have guessed?