Thursday, August 20, 2009

Microsoft Office 2007 (Just Say No)

Do yourself a favor (and everyone else) and just say no to Microsoft Office 2007. There is little to no reason for common man to use anything beyond Office 97 unless you have need of the edit mark up in Word. But Vista does not like Office 97 (it still works but needs some attention) so Office 2003 works better with Vista and beyond.

So what is my complaint about Excel 2007 (besides the obscure new menu that defies human logic and understanding)? I HATE the .xlsx extension and format. People (including me) forget to "save as" .xls so that anything earlier than 2007 can work with the file. This is a continuous problem and I have found no free and/or good conversion path. Maybe the new law suit will rescue us from .xlsx? Good news I say.

Gee, did you recently experience irritation with an xlsx file. Well yes, how perceptive of you.

Sure I could have changed the default save format to .xls (assuming I could find it in the MENU)!

On the other hand you may wish to upgrade Windows Live Movie Maker here: If you are using Vista or beyond it works. This is quite good and easy to use.

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