Sunday, August 30, 2009

Perfect Storm?

John Paul Jackson is associated with the Elijah List people. I am cautious about these people because of what I see as “dominionist”* leanings (and then there is the whole Todd Bentley thing among others) but they are Christian and I do believe people can hear from God. Everything supernatural is not from God and we can make stuff up on our own. Yes, there is a strangeness to these people and they wear it with pride. I do not believe strangeness in and of itself either validates or discredits a ministry or word. But we in the Church who have been paying attention to God stuff over the years understand that what Mr. Jackson is saying in general is what has been said for many years. The prophecies in the Old Testament took forever to come to pass and people tired of hearing it and quit believing it would come to pass. I fall into that category with what Mr. Jackson is saying. Some part of me believes what he is saying but I have been hearing it for 30 years in some form or other.

Let’s be honest. We are seeing things develop across our global landscape that scream apocalypse. We may be wise to factor in Mr. Jackson’s information into our decision making. If nothing else, it makes for interesting conversation. Don't we all hope the "Glory of God" part happens? Give me some of that! Whether or not you sign up for "seer" training I will leave up to you. I'll pass on training and just wing it as usual.

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*Dominionist Definition: Christians will take over planet earth (re-establish Adam’s legal ownership) and then Jesus will return for that bride who is no longer spotted and wrinkled. [BHNSD Big Huge Nut Shell Dictionary]

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