Saturday, August 29, 2009

"It ain't [America] no more, OK?"

The current "protests" are interesting. Conservatives normally make poor protesters. Their heart is not in it for the long run. They have too much to do. They are more interested in earning a living and not upsetting the status quo (assuming said status quo is now or has some reasonable chance of working out). But I suppose conservatives could be pressed into a situation where the status quo is so dysfunctional that even the "silent majority" can no longer tolerate it. We are early in the current people's revolution and the Bolsheviks have only just begun their bloodless coup d’├ętat. The jury is still out on the public's true outrage.

I admire the pleasant but firm manner of the police officer. There is some question as to whether the officer is creating new law (do we really want our officers making things up). One wonders if he really did have instruction to suppress all signs with pictures or if he simply and personally objected to this particular picture. Then we must wonder if pictures can legally be suppressed. And are school grounds and churches really different from other geographic locations when it comes to protesting as some bystander stated? Who was that masked man? This is an interesting exchange on so many levels. And then there is the Freudian slip, "It ain't (America) no more, OK."

The entertainment value of these new protests is truly worth the price of admission.

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