Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Abortion Cemetery

Today Dr. Charles Stanley mentioned the size of the cemetery needed to hold all of the babies aborted since 1973. His estimate was 100 square miles. Often a different view of a situation alters how we view that same situation. I found the 100 square mile cemetery concept startling.

I did wonder about the numbers so I did a few simple calculations. The 40 million abortion number is disputed by some but anyone’s numbers are large. Infant caskets range in length and width but the mean is 36 inches long and 30 inches wide. I have no idea what the true average is nor do I know how the caskets would be spaced. So let’s just use the mean and place them end to end.

40 million caskets x 36 inch median length (end to end) is 22,727 thousand miles long. To arrive at a 200 mile length (necessary for a 100 sq. mile plot) one would have to assume containers are much shorter than 3 feet for aborted babies. This may be true. But any way one figures the numbers, the numbers are huge. 40 million will do that every time.

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