Friday, January 4, 2008

the evangelical outpost: The One-Legged Stool:
How the Elites Misunderstand "Reagan Conservatives"

the evangelical outpost: The One-Legged Stool:<br />How the Elites Misunderstand "Reagan Conservatives": "Conservatives in Washington (and New York, for that matter) have a tendency to forget that their way of thinking is anomalous and deviates significantly from most 'heartland' conservatives. They work, and often live, in a liberal, urban environment in which a true 'full-spectrum conservative' is outside the norm. But the fact is that most Republican voters are from rural suburban areas. As this map shows, the dividing line in America is not between Red States and Blue States but between Red and Blue counties:


I am becoming less political as time goes by. It seems no matter how we vote, little progress is made on the conservative front. But we can't give up on what we think is best for the country. We know from scripture that things are not going to end well for this world in general but that could be some time down the road if Jesus further delays His return. No use letting the whole thing go to pot prematurely if we can do anything about it.

But let's face it, even democracy is not strictly a Biblical concept. There are elements of the US system that lend itself to Biblical thinking. God seems to accept private property rights, people benefiting from their endeavors and such. But mostly the Bible sees all human government as imperfect at best and demonic at worst. Government (it seems to have a life of its own) wants to be God to its people. Communism is the extreme example but even our "democratic republic" is evolving into a Mother Earth that we enjoy suckling and worshiping. This behavior is always Big and Huge in God's eyes because it destroys humanity.

So let's remember that our citizenship is in heaven and the Kingdom of God is not meat nor drink but righteousness peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. We need to have fellowship with all Christians whether Democrats, Republicans, Independents ... whatever their political label. The Kingdom of God resides within believers where ever they are. It has nothing to do with earthly government itself aside from that Kingdom inside believers influencing governments for good if that were possible.

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