Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fighting Evil
Sometimes it's hard to believe in God even as a Christian. Little doubts (some not so little) creep in and we must rely on what we know of Scripture and our own experiences to support our faith. For most of us that gets us through the rough spots. Some don't make it through and give in to the world's logic and wisdom and lose faith that there is a God of any kind.

As hard as it may be to believe in God it is harder to believe in the existence of a devil. Entire denominations view the devil as a myth or metaphor. The Bible clearly speaks of the devil and demons as real. Most of us live our lives oblivious of the reality of these dark spirits. confronts this evil head on and presents a provocative viewpoint. It contains many interesting mp3's to download. Even if one does not agree with everything on the site, Christians would be well advised to be informed about such things.

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