Friday, July 4, 2008

Brushing up on Dominionism is healthy for today's Christians.
Tom Horn interview on PID Radio Horn starts about half way through. Fast forward some to get to interview.

Many Christians are hearing God giving clarity on how His children should approach political attitudes. More of us are seeing (again) the futility of taking over the political (world) system. So I guess when Jesus said His kingdom is not of this world He really meant it.

We in the USA fall easy prey to a Dominionism theology because of our history. Didn't God lead the pilgrims to our shores to escape the oppressive state churches of Europe? Didn't God have a glorious plan to set up the perfect society, one lead by God Himself in the new land? At least some pilgrims believed this. Many Christians even now feel that God may have personally led our revolution (slight overstatement).

Just saying this out loud creeps me out. What Biblical reference supports this type of thinking? What scriptural pattern models this behavior?

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