Monday, June 22, 2009

Sarkozy says burqas are 'not welcome' in France

Sarkozy says burqas are 'not welcome' in France: "PARIS (AP) - President Nicolas Sarkozy lashed out Monday at the practice of wearing the Muslim burqa, insisting the full-body religious gown is a sign of the 'debasement' of women and that it won't be welcome in France.

The French leader expressed support for a recent call by dozens of legislators to create a parliamentary commission to study a small but growing trend of wearing the full-body garment in France."


BigHuge understands Mr. Sarkozy's point of view (considering Mrs. Sarkozy).

I mean let's face it ... on the beach ...

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Anonymous said...

When and if the French pass the burqa ban, they should also pass a ban on other forms of modesty In particular, men should not be permitted to wear bathing suits that cover their thighs (as your photo of Sarkozy demonstrates). Instead, all French men -- even the morbidly obese -- should be required to wear speedos or, better yet, thongs. When government intrudes into the personal sphere, why not go all out?