Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Smoking Gun: The Auschwitz Blueprints and The Mufti

And as the smoke cleared, all indicators pointed to the Mufti in Jerusalem, Himmler's great friend and Hitler's soulmate, partner and fellow annihilator of Jews. The Mufti was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Jews in Europe during the Holocaust. If the revealed location would incriminate the Grand Mufti, this would be the only reason to keep this location secret. There are no other reasons.The world has been silent on the leading role Islam played in the Holocaust. This would blow the lid right off it and force us to talk about it.


The Mufti and Islam's role in the Holocaust has been whitewashed and scrubbed from the pages of history. It is an outrage that the Mufti who exterminated hundreds of thousands of Jews would be given the same status of The Jewish Agency at the UN in 1947, when it was debating the partition of the Jewish State despite the stunning evidence (documents, files, etc.) against him (outlined here) and presented to the UN.

The Smoking Gun: The Auschwitz Blueprints and The Mufti - Atlas Shrugs

Comments: Atlas has been on a Hitler/Mufti theme lately. I have been convinced of the Islam/Nazi connection for awhile (no rocket science required) but realize that probably most people don’t know or care about it. The more propaganda I hear about peaceful Islam the more irritated I get in the face of history and people’s distortion and/or ignorance of it. Worse than that I recently heard again a Christian preacher refer to Hitler as “Christian.” This reprobate was anything but Christian. No, I don’t think he was a Muslim. He was more of an occultist. The pairing of occult and Islam is easy to understand. Atlas has posted mounds of information on this lately that is worth checking out.

I disagree that anything will force people to "talk about it." Too many want to ignore evil and hope it goes away. But at least those who should know better can benefit from proper information.

Edit: Here is a Mufti article of Atlas on Big Journalism

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