Friday, September 10, 2010

Obama's Economy

Let's summarize. Lower taxes during the previous administration caused our economic problems. Policies for easy real estate pushed by Democrats and opposed by Republicans are never mentioned. Why are people not buying this line of baloney? Because it is baloney.

More money flowing into the government by higher taxes (while the economy shrinks) will benefit middle America. Baloney.

Oh, and job growth lag during the last economic expansion was due to low taxes, too. It had nothing to do with outsourcing business models. Baloney. Just why do businesses outsource? If it saves money, businesses do it. Taxes have nothing to do with it.

Either this guy does not understand economics or the truth would not be advantageous to his political agenda or both. Yes, Yes, he is soooo smart, but then liberals always are (according to liberals).

Listening to this guy is a hear tearing experience.

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