Sunday, February 20, 2011

My New Diet

Many things change as we age. One thing I have noticed is my interests changing. Previously I was uninterested in cooking. Eating, yes but cooking, no. But lately I have been doing more cooking, not because I have found some new curiosity in culinary but because I am hungry. You see I now live amongst a band of Gluten Nazis. It is the new trend in alternative health and the target of foodies everywhere. Gluten – the cause of all adverse health issues.


I’m not saying that these people are not on the right track. Many are adversely affected by gluten I am sure. And I am positive the medical community will never be up to speed on this because there is no money in it, no real money as in other health care. But I believe the gluten Nazis are guilty of over extending the gluten impact. By how much is anyone’s guess.


But still, a guy’s gotta eat. So I have taken matters into my own hands and have started cooking. I have contemplated a gluten refugee cookbook, sort of a Guantanamo guide to food survival. But I may be getting ahead of myself.

For starters I have learned how to make the Ramen Noodle delicacy. (See Ramen hacks)


This is really a staple in my diet these days and I have found my own personal formula for spicing it up. Thanks Tony.


I know it is unhealthy to have such a limited diet so, to mix things up and add a healthy twist to my daily eating, I have learned to make two dishes.


So, when the family turn against you and you find yourself in a foreign land of gluten Nazis, learn to cook or die.


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