Thursday, May 26, 2011

God's War on Terror

Walid Shoebat's book God's War on Terror is a must read. Even if one does not buy into Mr. Shoebat's version of who the Antichrist might be, his illumination of Islam will pull our heads out of the sand. He has done well convincing me that our European emphasis on end time prophecy is likely misapplied. Did we really fear the European Union? Who would lead it, the French? In any case, the evil that is Islam can not be over stated. After reading "God's War on Terror", hearing "the religion of peace" phrase can never be heard in quite the same way again.

More standard apocalyptic prognosticators will resist Mr. Shoebat's eschatology. For one, they have too much invested in their European model and have spent years convincing themselves and others of its infallibility. Maybe they are right but maybe not. Secondly, Mr. Shoebat's apocalypse is not nearly apocalyptic enough. Apocalypse mean revealing but most use and think of it as defining some catastrophic, world-ending event. If Antichrist is limited to Islamic control we would feel cheated. He must control the planet or nothing. And what a horror if chip implants are not the mark of the beast.

For those uncomfortable folks who insist on misery, there is sufficient catastrophe prophesied in case you miss out on beast markings. Totalitarianism is always popular for when hail and earth quakes prove inadequate.

Paradigm shifts are uncomfortable.

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