Sunday, May 20, 2007

Angels appear as humans

Link:Angels appear as humans

I love current day accounts of angelic encounters and I will tell you one I know. But it is very important you follow the link and read the report. It will likely change your world view.

This is from a long time acquaintance. He still lives in my community and is a newspaper reporter. We attended the same church. One day his family along with their young child was on a dock on the lake. The child had wandered away from them and had fallen into the water. She could not swim and the dock was so far above the water she could not be reached. I no longer recall the setting but something prohibited simpler methods of retrieval. Amidst the father's struggle to reach his child a stranger took the father's hand and he was able to reach far enough to retrieve the child. He turned to thank the man, who was no longer there. No one in the small group had seen the man.

I'm certain my "facts" are flawed but the essence of the story is accurate. The father had given testimony to this in church and some years later I had him retell the incident to me at my request.

I know of another from a friend of ours on her pilgrimage to Medjugorje, Yugoslavia. It is too complicated for me to tell but exciting.

by BigHugeThing

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