Monday, December 3, 2007

God Bless the USA

How does God view nationality and nationalism. If we believe God gave impetus to a new Jewish state, then how does that fit into our nationalistic views. Being Jewish is not racial, we have white Jews and black Jews and every shade in between. So what is a Jew. Is it a religious criterion? Most Jews in Israel are secular, some say. So I suppose they are Jews by heritage, their parents or grandparents were Jews, therefore they are Jews. Being Jewish seems somewhat religious based, somewhat genetic based, with a huge dash of heritage thrown in. Current Western political correctness does not allow for discrimination by nationality, heritage,
or creed. A Jewish state is anathema to Western democratic ideals. So how can we support a Jewish state?

I find this Jewish business impossible to solve in light of our current democratic values. But the Bible implies this will be the situation in the end. Isn't it interesting that our model of "perfect government" does not allow for a Jewish state even though God seems to say He will bring them back into the land and make them a nation.

I wonder what this says about how we think about world governments? In the USA many believe that God directed its founding. Then they believe that the founders built the USA on Godly principles. All this may be true and it is evident that the USA has done many good and necessary things world wide since its inception.

I believe governments want to become god in the earth. What power causes or directs this should be evident. Communism is today’s best example. It not only sought to be god but to drive out all evidence of the one true God. There is an effort today in the USA to oppose ideas about God. We have been struggling for years over big government trying to be god. But some of us have been seeing the USA as an extension of God. We worship our country, and wring our hands over what in the world God will do if His representative in the earth is somehow crippled. We have equated living in the USA with living in the Kingdom of God. Some have made our country our God.

How does God feel about world governments? How does world government feel about God?

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