Friday, January 22, 2010


Syriana What business does any self respecting conservative have watching Syriana. It was available on Netflix instant stream and I was curious. The movie was well done, good acting, moved along well, and so on. I would not call the politics anti-American as some have said. Pro-Islamic may not describe it either. The movie does not paint the evil caricature of Islam we so often see. It tries to "present" possible reasons for terrorism if you are inclined to buy it. Are they selling it? Knowing the leanings of some behind the movie, I suspect they are selling but I don't see it as over selling (maybe that would be too obvious). Can American politics and corporate interests synchronize their agendas and perpetrate atrocious deeds together? I think so. Has America and corporate interests adversely affected other nations at times? It would be naive to think otherwise. Syriana does not lay all of the blame for lack of Arab social progress (what is progress) on any one party. But in the end, Conservatives are big on personal responsibility so I can understand their objection to laying any of the blame at the feet of another. Picturing America as never doing wrong would be a distortion and many Conservatives insist upon it.

The movie is worth watching but try to fit the US government blowing up some progressive sheik and letting Osama bin Laden slide in the same sentence and keep a straight face. Maybe there is a conspiracy that needs bin Laden for a convenient enemy. Yes, this is a belief by some creative personas. It may be more anti corporation/capitalism than anything and that is always popular. And how exactly does Loony Clooney end up finding said sheik in the middle of the desert so quickly? Keep your disbelief suspender handy.

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