Saturday, January 2, 2010

Zohar And The Arrival Of The Jewish Messiah In 2012

This last Wednesday on Coast to Coast AM, people were particularly taken with comments I made about the 700-year old Zohar predicting the arrival of the Jewish Messiah in the year 2012.

Ancient orthodox Jewish prophets in the Zohar had predicted the arrival of their Messiah in the year 2012. The Zohar is widely regarded the most important work of Jewish Kabbalah.

So both the 700-year old prophecies of the Jewish Zohar and 870-year old prophecies of the Catholic St. Malachy focused on the timeframe 2012, with very similar predictions of the rise of a “Messiah” combined with the destruction of Rome. Read entire article >>

Although the Bible is the only 100% accurate source for prophecies, it is interesting to read the ruminations of other religions when it comes to end-time matters. Some agree with the Bible while others don’t. The return of the Messiah has no time stamp in the Holy Bible for a reason. God does not want us to know. Those who think they do will hopefully learn this lesson as 2012 comes and goes.

Zohar And The Arrival Of The Jewish Messiah In 2012 :Christian News Analysis

Comments: I believe 2012 will be another Y2K non-event. However there are so many threads of interest in 2012 coming from varied viewpoints and time frames that I am paying attention.

What should we do about it? I’m memorizing Psalm 96. You can do what you want.

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