Saturday, March 13, 2010

Didn't We All Wonder?

BackyardConservative: Toyota Hybrid Horror Hoax
Toyota Hybrid Horror Hoax
Well, surprise, surprise. Michael Fumento, Forbes.

Over a 23-minute period the 911 dispatcher repeatedly pleaded with Sikes to shift into neutral. He simply refused and then essentially stopped talking to her except to say that he thought he could smell his brakes burning.

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But the press conference alone makes it clear Sikes' story didn't wash. Journalism schools are supposed to teach that skepticism is paramount. "If your mother says it, check it out," goes the old adage. Yet comments on Web sites across the country reveal that practically everyone thought the Prius incident was a hoax--though they couldn't prove it--except for the media.

Does this make you mad?

Comments: It reminded me of the bee's scene from Tommy Boy. While being pursued for speeding they drove wildly into a field and jumped from the car while slapping their heads and hollering "bees, bees".

How many zillions of Toyota cars have been sold? I imagine there is an accident with a Toyota every how many seconds somewhere on the planet? Of course, now, all these accidents are caused by surging. Every idiot has an excuse.

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