Friday, March 5, 2010

Global Warming Discussion - Informative

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
This conversation seems to go nowhere for too long but does become interesting and informative. A fourth installment is forthcoming.

Some conclusions after listening:
There has been some warming (.7/.8 degree C) in the last century.
The confusion in interpreting climate data and modeling is impressive.
Sweeping conclusions are questionable at best.
Draconian economic/life style alterations are unsupportable.
CO2 effects are probably over stated.
Carbon Soot (China, India, et al) has effect on Arctic.
Land cover changes are contributors to GW.
Methane emissions from cows is 3/5 percent of total? Cows seem safe.
Solar min/max has complicated effects on GW beyond visible light.
Hugh Ross is a true believer in anthropogenic (man caused) global warming.
We may be entering a slight temperature decrease period.
Man has "some" effect on GW but significance is questionable.

Straw man: Local cold/warm periods do not disprove global anything.
Certainly we know this and criticizing the "local" position only serves
to artificially elevate one's own superior "understanding" of issues.

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