Friday, April 3, 2009

Epicenter a BigHuge Pick

As Mr. Rosenberg says, looking at history and current events through the third lens of Scripture brings much of the confusing and senseless into focus. “Epicenter” does well explaining how this works. In today’s messy world a little focus is a good thing. Viewing the world through politics and economics alone blurs the picture of today’s events.

The chapter on church growth in the Islamic world is a bonus. I have heard previously about Muslim conversions but never as effectively told and compiled as  in “Epicenter.” This is not just another Muslim bashing book. Hope is revealed in what is otherwise a hopeless situation. Not a business as usual kind of hope but Kingdom of God kind of hope.

I think it is an important work. No new revelations are revealed on Ezekiel’s prophecies for those already familiar. But those prophesies are effectively applied to current events … a third lens. I have never seen them explained and applied more clearly. Even if you choose not to read his other fiction books, this one is good choice.

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