Thursday, April 9, 2009

Have You Seen Mary Lately?

BHT has met people who have visited Marian Apparitions. They had positive experiences it seems and are following the same Jesus I follow (the people I know). One even had a Medjugorje Visionary stay in here home, they are friends. But I am not certain all Mary followers are following this same Jesus. After doing a little research BHT decided to avoid the Mary road. Being a stickler on things being Biblical, BHT can not move that direction.

Not wanting to offend our Catholic friends I find this is a tough subject to approach. But there are some creepy things about these apparitions. Supernatural is not a problem for me. As an old Pentecostal/Charismatic, the supernatural is more attractive than intimidating. But there are buzz word concepts that make a Bible believing Christian’s hair stand on end when they study the backgrounds and agendas of the Marian Apparitions. Worshiping anything or anyone besides the one true God is one. (Yes, most of us see God as Triune Father, Son and Holy Spirit but we think that is still one.) Having any mediator between God and man other than Jesus is another. Any spirit or entity calling attention to itself, requiring or accepting worship is another. The Mary apparitions all seem to violate these. But wait, there is more.

Bible prophecy is robust with predictions of a coming one world government and one world church (the lady riding the beast in Revelation). There is a commonality within Marian Apparition messages. She is going to bring peace on earth uniting all nations and religions. Wow, she is not afraid of goal setting. How is she going to bring Islam and Catholicism together? Quite easily according to some.

Here is a place to download a pdf of “Queen of All,” a book laying this all out. On this same page are audio links of interviews with the author. This is all very interesting.

Link: Eternal-Productions

Link: Topical Study Queen of Heaven

Link: Don't miss the video (This can be choppy depending on bandwidth)

To avoid deception it helps to know the common themes of deception that have developed over the years. I don’t mean among Catholics but general Luciferian deceptions. Following is by no means a complete list. Remember the old adage “Fool me once”? I like “There is a sucker born every minute.”

  1. Unifying nations /world domination (from the time of Babel onward)
  2. Unifying religions / many paths to God
  3. Intensifying man’s inner light thus achieving divinity (May the force be with you.) I am a god in the making. Give me a bite on that apple. Let me show you a secret.
  4. Reincarnation (If at first you don’t succeed.)
  5. Alien seeding of life (and you mistook us for God)
  6. God is universal / in everything / energy (definitely not a person)
  7. The Bible's way is good but adding "this" will be even better.
  8. Save the planet (new you say ... nope, age old Gaia worship)

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