Sunday, May 3, 2009

Evangelicals: Nuclear weapons are 'direct affront' to God -

Evangelicals: Nuclear weapons are 'direct affront' to God - "The destruction one nuclear bomb can wreak is more than horrifying, says megachurch pastor Rob Bell of Grandville, Mich. It's an insult to God.

'Nuclear weapons are a direct affront to God's dream of shalom for the world,' Bell said Tuesday. 'Life is beautiful, and nuclear weapons are ugly.'"


My big huge question is where do we discern that God is under some delusion that peace will come to the planet? Has God become an Aquarian, is he looking to the age of Aquarius "and peace will rule the planet" la la la? I don't imagine that God so much has dreams but foreknowledge. No peace will come to this place until Jesus returns again and rule's with a rod of iron. Even then at the end of a thousand years of peace under God's rule, there will be another rebellion. I don't see poor God being flummuxed and having His dreams shattered. Things are going as God knew they would. Some of us will be on God's side and some will not.

I can see where one who believes the Bible is complicated by changes, errors, and edits through the years, whould be confused about what the Bible really says. But to completely miss what the Bible clearly says about the direction this world will take until the Day of the Lord is irresponsible. "Let's all just get along" is not going to work any time soon on a global level.

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