Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Savages Banned In Polite Brit Society

On my last (actually first and only) visit to Britain we were treated to many delights. We saw the Queen, William, et. al. because we "lucked out" by being at Buckingham on Her Royal Highness' birthday celebration. I have always questioned the IQ of those who endure long hours of standing amidst crowds awaiting some celebrity. I still question and claim hostage status by virtue of being married and forced by my wife to under go such punishment.

We visited parliment. We observed the House of Commons in session, also the House of Lords (where the directional sign pronounced us "Strangers"). Admittedly we are not Lords but "strange" may be abusive.

Exiting a restaurant on Piccadilly we were greeted by a parade, a nude cyclist parade. Most of the nude cyclists should not have been. But I must say it was interesting for many reasons, none of which am I willing to discuss here. So I thought liberalism is evident in Britain and differing points of view are allowed, maybe even encouraged, almost to the "anything goes" point.

Imagine my surprise to hear that Michael Savage has been banned from Britain. None of this appears to be any big huge thing; it is quite funny, really. But does anyone else see a trend developing?

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