Monday, May 4, 2009

Jesus Christ - Did He view Himself as God?

Jesus Christ « Tough Questions Answered: "
1 Jesus Claimed to Be Yahweh.
2 Jesus Claimed to Be Equal with God.
3 Jesus Claimed to Be Messiah-God.
4 Jesus Claimed to Be God by Accepting Worship.
5 Jesus Claimed to Have Equal Authority with God.
6 Jesus Claimed to Be God by Requesting Prayer in His Name."


I know, Christians are not confused about this (Jesus claiming to be God), at least evangelical types are not confused. I do occasionally see and hear mention by non Christians about Jesus being a "good teacher" and the like. Many seem to think Jesus being God is just something people made up later, probably by Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell.

This little blog series does a good job of presenting why we believe that Jesus being God was a basic tenet of the New Testament. In truth, probably no one can really believe such an outrageous claim unless that truth is revealed to him by the Holy Spirit. This is how Jesus said Peter knew it.

This Bill Pratt guy has some interesting things to say. Spending a little time on his blog may be worthwhile.

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