Monday, December 14, 2009

The Increasingly Left ‘Law and Order’

Well, I think I’ve been fairly calm and forgiving of Law and Order for about fifteen years. Living outside of the U.S. has certainly helped in more ways than one. Out of sight, out of mind. Law and Order has, for years, been just a press of the remote away from non-existence.

However, recent events have Law and Order just begging for my reassessment. I hardly expected my old television series to be the clown act that leads the American viewing audience into an increasingly predictable pile of hard left propaganda.

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Comments: My sentiments exactly. I don't watch Law and Order anymore. If I want leftist propaganda, I will watch major network news or CNN, also off my list of preferences. Could I tolerate diversity? Yes. But hard line, never wavering propaganda, no thanks.

Thank you, Mr. Moriarity, for the scoop on what contaminates L&O.

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