Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Global Government (Is that one world government - new world order?)

The dangerous idea that the democratic accountability of national governments should simply be dispensed with in favour of "global agreements" reached after closed negotiations between world leaders never, so far as I recall, entered into the arena of public discussion. Except in the United States, where it became a very contentious talking point, the US still holding firmly to the 18th-century idea that power should lie with the will of the people.

Nor was much consideration given to the logical conclusion of all this grandiose talk of global consensus as unquestionably desirable: if there was no popular choice about approving supranational "legally binding agreements", what would happen to dissenters who did not accept their premises (on climate change, for example) when there was no possibility of fleeing to another country in protest? Was this to be regarded as the emergence of world government? And would it have powers of policing and enforcement that would supersede the authority of elected national governments?

There'll be nowhere to run from the new world government - Telegraph

Comments: Lest you question the current drifting, rushing, falling into one world government, the above article is illuminating. As a Christian who interprets the Bible as predicting some sort of one world government during end times, I hear many object because they can not fathom any way one leader can control everything. I’m not certain we need one leader. Why can’t we have a one world “global” philosophy or mind set. Would such a system satisfy Biblical prophecy? I think so. Even the coming “Anti-Christ” will be opposed and attacked by the kings of the East and the North. We may be missing the Biblical point by looking for one world leader.

Do you really want these people deciding things for you and your grandchildren?

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