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Has Andromeda Contacted You Lately?

Unless you have a strong Biblical understanding I would suggest you avoid this stuff.

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My first thought is we need a pole:
Alex Collier ...
1. ... is completely delusional.
2. ... has regular conversations with his Andromedan friends.
3. ... should write movie scripts and make millions.
4. ... has serious demon/fallen angel issues.

Listening with a "good story" mindset, the above is entertaining. The lack of facts and proof in this presentation is obvious. Maybe Mr. Collier has previously laid factual groundwork. My guess is no but I'll look around.

Is this detail factual:
* Cassini project classified, because of all the mothership activity filmed in Saturn system.
* a 1.5 mln miles off the South pole a 20 mile craft that is sat in a stationary. NASA and other organizations telescopes have been monitoring it for 8 months, they watch its trajectory to us. It is now
stationary and are craft going in and out of this 20-mile structure.
* very large planetary structure coming in 18 degrees RA of Neptune's orbit. it should be visible sometimes next year.

Let's all keep a look out.

What I do find interesting is the Holographic power structure discussion. Some of us believe this whole alien thing is Luciferian (if something really is happening). Holographic is a great description of how the demons/fallen-angels/other-dimensional-beings would influence earthly dimensions. This is why nailing down a single power group is so difficult.

Also interesting is Mr. Collier's prognostications are eerily similar to Biblical prophecies on world government. So many of the various groups futuristic themes have commonalities. Maybe delusional people lack creativity or maybe it lends credibility.

If one does not believe in other dimensional beings then he has two choices, delusional or extra terrestrial. Christians believe in other dimensional beings, they simply prefer not to think about it as dimensional. God, Satan, demons, angels are all other dimensional beings. I suppose Christians could believe heaven is in our 4 dimensional plane but out in space somewhere and Jesus walked through walls by magic. And angels appear, how exactly? Other dimensional is a superior explanation I think. Evil, deceptive, other dimensional beings would then explain Mr. Collier's friends from a Christian point of view.

Why are these "aliens" so obsessed with delivering messages. To paraphrase someone, "Angels are messengers (Biblical definition). That is how they are made and they can't help it." Of course a fallen angel's message need not be truthful and one would suspect they lack the entire picture as opposed to God's knowledge of things. Interesting take I thought.

To what end? Notice that Mr. Collier is not so much against one world government. He views the entities in power as evil, as opposed to the more benevolent Andromedans, whom I assume he would welcome as rulers. The typical alien message is consistent in several areas, just off the top of my head:
.Man is not sinful.
.Some aliens are on our side and want to help us.
.We are ruining our planet.
.Christians are misled and Jesus (though a good guy) is not a savior.
.We seeded your planet with life ages ago.
.Humans can achieve a higher plane of existence through self effort.

I'm sure there are other commonalities but their opposition to Judeo/Christian theology is striking. Others who claim regular communication from E.T.'s follow similar threads and fits neatly into Eastern Mysticism. Oprah is happy. It is all so Cosmic Conscious. Gotta love the meditation exercise at the end and yes, I lasted to the end.

Here is a link to a plethora of these types of people.
Unless you have a strong Biblical understanding I would suggest you avoid this stuff.

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