Sunday, June 17, 2007 - Hidden Manna For the End Times Video Series

I am shocked that I like this message. I have always had my feet firmly planted in both camps, pre- and post-tribulation. (Aways leaving room for mid-tribulation, just in case) Most of my "favorite" teachers are pre-tribers. I do find the OT patterns suggested by Mr Eells provocative. The Prophecy Club's track record has been shaky at best but that does not make the post-tribulation view wrong. Post-tribulation theology has nothing to do with The Prophecy Club so don't confuse the two. I just liked his presentation. Post-tribulation has the historical weight behind it and has been the generally accepted view before the late 1800's, so I am going with post-tribulation until further notice. On the other hand.

Many Charismatics have felt that the Body of Christ is under performing. They envision a powerful sickness zapping, demon crushing, fire breathing Body of Christ developing. I think that actually exists today but not as they recognize it. Is this the same spirit that blinded the Jews from recognizing a suffering Christ instead of a conquering Christ? Christ conquered through suffering the first time and will come with different power the second time. If the Church follows that same path, we are right on track, seems to me.

I do not like Prophecy Club's undertone that other Christians are somehow way off base and doomed to be killed off from lack of power or burned up as "tares." Their exclusivity is troubling. Yet an unprepared Body of Christ is undesirable so fervor is appropriate. The body of Christ should not be divided over pre-tribulation or post-tribulation teaching. We have enough on our plate with fighting our own sinful natures, resisting Satan in all his forms, feeding the hungry, not to mention preaching the Gospel to all nations. IF, is that a BigHuge if, we are living our lives correctly, we will be ready either way.


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