Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Checking Valid SSN illegal?

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Here is an article that appeared in a Texas newspaper a year ago. Some would say that reporting these facts is racist.

UPDATE: Here is a comment by Grandpa that has been moved to the head of the class:

Relating to illegal immigrants this is my true real world experience. As an employer in a previously tough economic time for entry level help, I used to hire approximately 100 workers annually due to turnover and general attrition. One of the challenges was determining the legal employment status. Each year beginning around 2003 I would get an email list of “mismatched” social security numbers, created by the IRS cross referencing the I-9 hiring documents, with the W-2’s I would generate and submit. It turns out that I unknowingly employed illegal aliens.

This occurs because they present social security cards, drivers licenses and hiring documents that are phony during the hiring process. The stuff looks real, but it is bogus.

However, when I attempted to pre-screen via background checks for employment eligibility through the SS office I was advised to stop due to it being an “illegal” hiring practice. It was explained to me that under federal employment law, I could not have a qualifer for employment that created a “disparate impact” upon applicants. By screening for valid social security numbers in advance, my employment screen disqualified a higher percentage of hispanics and latinos from employment. This is illegal because I could not discriminate based on race, or national origin, and my pre-employment verification created a disparate impact upon only hispanics. The vast majority of applicants with invalid SS #’s were hispanic origin so I was advised to discontinue employment verification or face an EEO (equal employment opportunity) lawsuit for discrimination.

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