Saturday, May 15, 2010

I finally can explain that mysterious logic that I find so facinating.

Muslim lender forces Christian to sell kidney - Atlas Shrugs
A religion for three-year-olds.
If it's mine it's mine,
if it's yours it's mine,
if I like it is mine,
if I can take it from you it is mine,
if I am playing with something ALL of the pieces are mine,
if I think it is mine it is,
if I saw it first it's mine,
if I had it then put it down it is still mine,
if you had it then you put it down it is now mine,
if it looks like the one I have at home it is mine,
if it is broken it is yours.
if you fix it, it is now mine.

Comments: I remember the school days. We would race to the bus and you would be two rows from that cherished back row and some bully would yell from the school steps ... "I dib the back seat". You know that even if you take the seat first, you are in for a fight. The bully will find irrefutable logic in the fact that he had "dibs" on the seat. To him it is a rule of law. He has probably even convinced himself of the righteousness of his position. In reality it comes down to bullying and stealing. Sound familiar? It is now a religious/governmental structure.

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