Friday, May 21, 2010

A Rational View of Immigration

The "Have Not's" will always aspire to acquire the "Have's" possessions. This need not be an ignoble endevor. Learn what the Have's did to earn their wealth and position and emulate it. But too many Have Not's seek to attain the Have's position without bothering with Have behavior. Simply they want to steal it. The Have Not's rationalize that the Have's attained their position by some nefarious or unfair means. This allows the Have Not's to, on the one hand, justify being a "have not". On the other hand the Have Not must rationalize not going to the bother and effort of emulating the Have's activity and philosophy which enabled the Have's to have in the first place. So the Have Not's will steal Mr. Have's possessions (because the Have Not's outnumber the Have's) without understanding the procedures necessary to maintain having. Everyone becomes poorer in the process.

This is an ancient tradition and part of the human condition. We will never be rid of it.

Let's hear from the Have Not's

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