Saturday, May 15, 2010

Laura Bush Loves The Thought Of Elena Kegan

So Laura just loves the thought of more women on the court. Or does she especially love a liberal woman on the court. I'm not sure what this Bush woman is doing. Do they really need to pick up a few extra bucks on a new book? Maybe she is carving out something of her own. But to me she appears more stupid and ridiculous at every new opportunity. I've heard of empty suits so I guess empty dresses are equally possible. Please, just shut up and put out to pasture. Maybe Lady Laura has spotted an opening on "The View". How can conservative men (was he really conservative?) endure these liberal women? Sex I guess. I doubt it is worth it. She didn't say much during the presidency and I thought she was just the strong silent type, keeping her discourse simple and not controversial. Good job of hiding the true shallowness of this moron, Republican Party. No wonder there is a Tea Party looking for better representation. I am so happy to have this entire Bush 1-2-(no 3 please) behind us. Remember "voodoo economics"? I have come to believe Jesse Jackson was right for once, by accident, "keep out the Bushes". If another Bush personally offers me money to vote for him, I will not do it. I think the entire Bush "compassionate conservative" deception is being revealed through the vapid tripe of this woman.

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