Thursday, July 16, 2009

Can't Access Gmail Account?

Are you in deep weeds with your Gmail account? Was it hacked or for some reason have you lost access? I know someone with that problem. Google will ask you for the date you opened the account. Get real - who remembers that? They ask for when you last successfully logged on. Maybe that is realistic but even if you are correct Google is not impressed. The big one is you original verification code. Did anyone keep it? They ask for labels in your email account. Maybe that would help. It did not help the person I know. If you have the verification code, lock that baby away.

I am no longer confident about relying on so much Google based communication. I don't have my original code and don't know any way to obtain it. Google is not helpful in restoring your account. I beefed up my password but I am no longer buying into Google based computing. Sure you can always make a new account but what about all the other crap that relies on the Google password. This is a fly in the Google ointment for me.

Revision: They directed us to a new form to fill out. There may still be hope.

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