Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In Case You Have Not Heard (eugenics 101)

Is this just another wacky conspiracy theory? Come on ... no one really wants to get rid of people ... do they? Remember the economic machine called baby boomers? We loved them when they were producing. As they drift into retirement (with all that money) and leach off the producers, will we still love them? Or will they be considered an expensive waste of valuable resources?

One mistake we make when evaluating "conspiracy theories" is taking each individual element and debunking one part. Once we can shame one element we can throw the entire baby out with the bathwater. This "too many people" theme is common among rich and elite thinkers through time. Is there a better time to end run some crazy and subversive concept than when the crazies are in power? We have a perfect storm for CHANGE and don't think it is being wasted.

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