Monday, July 27, 2009

Like ... The Current State of the Union

Thoughts of education in the US come to mind. The politically correct view is we do not spend enough money on education. California is now "severely" cutting its education budget. Why not, California is broke (in more ways than one). Let's get real. We spend an ever increasing amount of money on education in this country and they (who are they anyway) say education in the US is deteriorating. If money could have fixed it, then education would be fixed by now.

I personally believe priorities, approaches and philosophies have more impact on education than money. The sky is falling (please send money). Global Warming Climate Change is catastrophic (please send money). Our health care system is failing (please send money - more taxes). Oil is running out / causing climate change (please send money). Education is failing (please send money).

Do you see a trend? Is it time to become BigHuge skeptical? Truthfully what good does skepticism do but at least I won't be duped as well and robbed and mugged. When the government decides to rob and mug you there is little you can do. But not being duped is within your grasp ... a moral victory.

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