Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Whoopi's Moon Meanderings

I find the "View" completely useless and annoying but when I am trapped in a room while the "View" is playing, I must say Whoopi does a good job facilitating the discussion. She is funny and thick skinned. For a liberal Whoopi is OK. So maybe tolerable is a better word. But she is talented and articulate (no racial slur intended). Maybe I just plain like her. Following Rosie O'Whatever is easy duty, true. But Whoopi is very good at it.

Yes, we may need to get our astronomical information from other sources but I enjoyed the bit on moon landing conspiracy. Who knows if she was serious. It was at least funny and she is a comedian after all. Conservatives wetting their pants and trying to paint this as Whoopi stupid really need to find better material.

So why was that flag rippling on an airless moon?

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