Monday, July 27, 2009

Ethnic Cleansing of Jews from Arab lands

Atlas Shrugs: The Real "Catastrophe": Ethnic Cleansing of Jews from Arab lands: "As the Arab -Israeli conflict began in the 1940's Arab governments turned on their own Jewish populations.
3000 year old communities were ethnically cleansed, nearly 1 million Arabic Jews lost their homes."


Why are people like me not more sympathetic to the "Palastinitan" situation. Why do we see things more from the Jewish perspective? Is it because of some verse in the Bible? Or is it history. It seems the Islamists are incapable of appreciating historical evidence. "Jerusalem has never been an Israelie city" please, how dumb are you. The Holocaust never happened? And let's drag out that old Crusade canard again and torture the facts. King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, for example, said that Jews “have a certain day on which they mix the blood of non-Jews into their bread and eat it. That is so not Kosher! (Google search this and decide.)

I have no idea whether the "facts" in the above article are accurate. They are plausible and probably credible. I have seen them before. What is interesting to me is how many people ignore Islam's ugly history. These same people are blind to Islam's present. But Jews suffered in "Christian" nations also, often much worse.

Is this a spiritual issue. Are dark unseen forces are at work behind the scenes of human history? Many think this irrational hatred of the Jews through the ages substantiates the Bible's veracity.

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