Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gee Paul, saying the word "library" makes you sound so smart

Let's look at dear Paul's educational history from Wikipedia: "McCartney later took his A-level exams, but passed only one subject—Art." And yes, President Bush has a degree from Yale. So Paul is impressing the same few folks he always impresses, those who don't know better. I would stick to writing songs because you definitely can't sing and speaking provides a bleak outlook for your future.

As someone said, at least Bush was smart enough to not marry some gold digger who would take him for 48.7 mil. Sure, you must be able to do something to earn so much, possibly luck early on played a part (timing is everything), or maybe you are supported by Lucifer (the most likely scenario). But I am not, was not and never will be impressed by you. Now that smart woman who took you for 48.7 mil, that's a different story.

Oh, look, let's hope he is waving good bye.

Be sure to check out Paul's extensive drug use on his Wikipedia page, an inspiration to us all.

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