Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Road to Armageddon

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The article contains standard "news" like Barack Obama is a Moslem, well color me pick what a surprise. Did he really fool anyone but the main stream news media (and 50+% of the voters). My guess is he is more agnostic with a strong serving of Islamic culture, along with pixie dust and unicorn gas, flowing through his veins. We already understand his blame evil America position. No reasonably informed person can deny it. His associations and actions shout it from the roof of the White House. If you need a little bush up on BO's Muslimishness here is a quick run down.

But this little number is interesting.

Arab Knesset talking about "Armageddon". That would be in the NEW TESTAMENT. I guess they will use anything to rile up their constituencies. Coming from Arabs I wouldn't take much stock in it. Right, "one billion Muslims attack". Call the Pentagon and hire that Muslim logistic expert. What is it with these Eastern people and their outrageous propaganda statements. Who can forget Baghdad Bob's "We will crush them" statement while American tanks bore down on the capital. I guess you would have to be of that culture to filter through the baloney. Or maybe they can't filter. We in the West are not all that good at filtering BS (remember the last election). I guess the politicians have us figured out. There is a sucker born every minute.

It does present a nice clean look, I must say.

Seems like I wrote this before so it's either deja vu or I'm very impressed with the point.

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