Friday, June 4, 2010

Jews - "Get Out Of Israel and Go Back Where You Came From"

Can you imagine such a deteriorating relationship between Israel and the United States under a Republican administration? And yet Jewish voters eat up the Democratic party. It is difficult not to say "good, they get what they deserve". But the people in danger are not the complacent and apparently out of touch and comfortable Jews voting in America. Yet, sadly there are socialist Jews aplenty in Israel. But they don't deserve the treatment they are receiving from this current bunch in the U.S. administration. Maybe my Egyptian friend is correct and Israel is so strong they have nothing to worry about. I am not convinced.

But I say keep Helen Thomas around. She is likely speaking for the administration with a clarity they would be unwilling to indulge. Ms. Thomas is speaking for someone and it is far broader than one cranky old woman.

On a side note this reminds me of the Red Fox bit when he was told to go back where he came from. And he replied, "You want me to move to Detroit?"

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