Saturday, June 12, 2010

Helen Thomas the Harbinger

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As the regional enemies of Israel have grown more and more brutal to everyone, even their own people, the western left has grown more and more hostile to Israel. They have to justify their support of the autocrats by increasingly smearing Israel. They can’t help themselves, because they act from self-centered emotion instead of dispassionate reason.

The left has created a trajectory for themselves that will quickly but inevitably lead all of them to voice the same views that forced Helen Thomas from public life. Indeed, we can assume that Thomas felt comfortable making those comments on tape because such beliefs are already widely accepted by her political circle. She didn’t consider them beyond the pale because she hears them all the time.

Thomas, then, is but the tip of the iceberg or, more aptly, the tip of the shark’s dorsal fin just breaking the surface of the water. Whatever metaphor we choose, she is a harbinger of how ugly things are going to get. She is the dark edge of the gathering storm.

It’s 1938, not 1945. Via AmericanDigest

Comments: We will not stop them and we will not defeat them. Maybe we can slow them down but the trajectory of mankind's demise has been programed by his sin and dark influences. God's intervention only delays the crashing and burning. Sorry to be so negative but this may be the last round and it will get ugly. Find a nice happy place for yourself and hunker down? Better to be out and about as salt and light? Biblically we are on a salt and light assignment. The book of Revelation has a phrase, "Even so come Lord Jesus" and I'm starting to identify with it. Lot was vexed in his soul while living amidst the evil of his day. Who of us today is not vexed in his soul.

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