Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Carter’s Racism Charge Sparks War of Words - The Caucus Blog -

Former President Jimmy Carter’s view that some of the recent protests against President Obama, including the “You Lie!” outburst by Representative Joe Wilson last week, are “based on racism,” has fueled a new war of words over this already charged issue.


When will we ever be rid of this coat hanger. My friends in Atlanta had it right about Old Jimmy Carter. He is a failed, bitter old man who resents never having been given his “do”. Well, he has gotten his do, I think. Universally he is viewed as a failure and he deserves it (unless you are giving out those meaningful “peace” awards). Why he insists on proving his inadequacies daily and publicly is beyond me. He was duped by Ayatollah Khomeini and we have present day Iran, thank you Jimmy. And he is still being duped by these people. Actually I think he simply grabs any opportunity to get headlines with any idiot who will entertain this ridiculous piece of meat. What would possess him to think anyone on earth cares what he thinks about any current subject? I remember the media line of how intelligent this paragon of virtue was when he entered the White House. Yep you are the smart one Jimmy. You may fool some with your nail apron photo shoots, Jimmy, but I remember your presidential years all to well for you to fool me. Now please just shut up and go home. You are worthless to the bone and you will never be any different.

Can I forgive your indiscretions? Surely. Like the man who breaks into my house and steals. I can forgive him. But if he insists on returning, if he repeatedly breaks into my house … I will have to beat him about the head and ears with a hard object. You are certainly the undesirable guest who refuses to go home.

Mr. Carter,
I don't like you white and I don't like you black.
I don't like you in a car and I don't like you on a star.
I don't like you here nor there.
I don't like you anywhere.

Edit: I ran across this interesting article entitled "The Elvis Factor" on Carter's position. I was certain it would speak of how Jimmy would never really die but continue to make appearances (in Elvis sighting fashion) even after burial . But no, that is not his point. It is however a good point.

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