Monday, September 7, 2009

That Ole Time Gospel - Radio

Correction: Sonlife has done considerable updating and no longer works with RadioShure. MS Windows Media Player does fine or Winamp, ect. Here is the link ( if you want to enter the http address directly into a player.

Many threw Jimmy Swaggart out with the scandal water. But sometimes I crave an old time gospel service and worship music that matches and it doesn’t get any better than Jimmy Swaggart and Son Life Radio (for ole time gospel that is).

Go get a copy of Radio Sure and grab either portable or installer. Crank it up and it will look like this (thanks glasnost or is that perestroika):

Type in the word Jimmy and listen. It’s a treat if you ask me. This is the stuff I remember as a child. It only happened at special meetings and we had to drive out of town to get it. We lived in Viking Land which had two Lutheran churches and one small Catholic church in town and you were not hearing this in there. The little Lutheran Brethren church we attended was full of dedicated Christians, but let’s face it, if you ain’t Pentecostal, you can’t pull off dynamic worship with any consistency. I have my suspicions as to why but I’ll keep them to myself for now.

Donny projects some stridency but maybe he will grow on me. It appears the Swaggart family made it through the tough times. We must admire a family who not only doesn’t give up but builds. I've heard it said never trust a preacher who doesn’t walk with a limp (remember Jacob’s thigh). I think I can hear that limp in Brother Swaggart. (whoa - “brother” I’m gettin’ the lingo down)

Sure you could go to Pastor Swaggart’s website but then you miss out on a fun little internet radio player. I found the player while perusing the LiberKey site. LiberKey is a portable software data base to place on your hard drive or flash drive. It updates the programs automatically and easily. The update feature is awesome. I used many of these programs before I found LiberKey and had to chase down the updates individually. Vive la France! And that may be the only time you ever hear me say that – seriously. I lifted my boycott to accept the free LiberKey. Hey principal only runs so deep.

I’ve been trying to stay away from much ‘puter talk on the blog but then again I was trying to steer clear of politics also. Couldn’t help myself.

Edit: To explain LiberKey better; the LiberKey program is itself portable as well as the programs which reside in the directory. It resides on the disk without installing. When you start LiberKey it updates itself first. Then it checks on the individual programs within the data base and offers to update those if updates exist. The only thing that takes a little manual hunting is if some program has been added to the package after you initially downloaded it. LK will not add these programs automatically. If you view the program list on LK's web site these programs are clearly marked and you can download a manual install from here if you wish to add the program. Activate the LK associations after download and the new program can be added to LK. Remember to turn off "associations" when done. Henceforth that program will update. You can add additional programs from LK that are not included in you specific package. You can also add and index your own programs but I don't bother because I simply have LK as an addition to my portable directory. I use Launchy to actually find and start the programs. Launchy is another program I can no longer do without.

Again, I am stupendously impressed with this LiberKdy portable collection and management system.

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