Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rounding Out The Political Posts - Debt Stinks

Did Sarah Palin truly derail Obama's health care and make him unelectable in 2012 as stated on Voting Female. That is affording Ms. Palin too much credit I think. But she does have a way of rallying the troops. I think the power elite on both sides of the aisle are afraid of Sarah Palin. They like to recite her lack of "qualifications" and joke about the ludicrousness of Palin Presidency. It must be conversely unnerving that Mr. Obama is now seated in the White House. B. H. Obama is, when logically judged and analyzed, equally if not more "unqualified" than Sarah Palin. All she needs is a little polishing, a huge power center and a little luck. OK, a lot of luck.

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