Friday, September 18, 2009

Pelosi Fears Violence

Ms. Pelosi fears violence from those horrible Obama critics. We must take responsibility for our words and we must balance freedom and safty says the right honorable Ms. Pelosi. What does she mean? Obviously she feels congress must somehow exercise control of people's language for the people's own good. We are carrying this free country stuff too far it seems. Buying our own health insurance does not work and now saying what we think does not work either. Is there a better example of Nanny State thinking?

Is anyone buying this crocodile tear act? It is indeed a crock of some sort. Yes there is a sucker born every minute but an entire populace can only be duped for so long without draconian controls. These controls can only be enacted in an environment of emergency. So let's create an emergency - an emergency of violence.

Edit: Apparently she is alluding to and distorting (shocking I know) some killing in San Fran years ago. Moscone and Milk if you are interested. Here is a short blurb on it. Demonizing Pelosi is like dogifying your collie. It is what it is. Here is the Wikipedia entry on Moscone and Milk. But there is some similarity with todays events. Just like some are trying to make everything about race in opposition to the Obamastate. Some try to make the Moscone/Milk killing about homosexuality. Patterns of behavior and logic reoccur with these fringe issue people.

Maybe she is referring to the homosexual White Night riots (acts of violence) after Mr. White's lenient sentence. Is it possible Ms. Pelosi is secretly homophobic? Perhaps we have discovered something important here. Is Ms. Pelosi using "hate speech"? I must call Moreen Dowd and see if she heard something.

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