Thursday, September 10, 2009

Joe Wilson Representative from South Carolina

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Forget about accessing Representative Wilson’s official site today, it is overwhelmed. Use your new infamy, Congressman Wilson, to your advantage. Take every interview and champion your cause. Do a little community organizing and one day you may even become President. I didn’t know who you were until last night and I like you already. I have no idea of your background or your accomplishments but with today’s low threshold of experience for presidential qualification I assume you are sufficiently qualified. Perhaps a Palin/Wilson ticket will appear and we can have a true knock down drag out run for 2012. No more pantywaist politics from the right. I would buy a front row seat.

Edit:Added 9/11

Since we are now admiring how the rest of the world does things and have a desire to emulate them maybe Bolivia can be a role model.


Paul said...

Joe Wilson from South Carolina, is just another good old boy where in the morning these married men preach to you that there should be prayer in our schools and in the evening they are on their cell phones setting up a date with their other women on the side, hypocrisy has been bred in. I am not surprised that he felt compel to yell like he was at some Friday night game. He is a hater not a debater like most of his side of the isle.

BigHugeThing said...

Sometimes we can judge a man by his opponents. This may certainly be the case with polished Paul's comments. Good old Joe just raised another notch with me.