Saturday, September 12, 2009

Small Fringe Group Protests at Capitol


My newest partner in crime Jenny Hammond just sent me this photo from the Capitol showing a “small fringe group” of protesters who don’t represent America.

This reminds me of a teaching by Les Feldick (a bible teaching rancher from Iowa). He was discussing the image Nebuchadnezzar had in his dream. As we go through history the kingdoms become less valuable in some way but are militarily stronger. Silver is less valuable than gold and so on. He pointed out that each succeeding kingdom had wider representation for decision making. Greece after Alexander had four, Romans had the senate and on through out history until we reach today with two houses of Keystone Cops all making decisions. He believed the march toward democracy (or some form thereof) was prophesied as a result. The point was not that representative government was bad but that it is inefficient and messy in many ways. And this watering down so to speak of the decision process would weaken the governments even though those governments could be militarily stronger.

This was a new view of things for me from a Biblical perspective. Is it correct? Maybe. But only the most dense of politicians in a democratic republic does not fear a ground swell in the populace. We have not seen the peasants storming the castle with hoes and pitchforks in my lifetime. Many of the protesters at the Republican Convention for example were young people bussed in and really "hired" to cause trouble, not all but many. They had no idea why they were there but to have a good time. It was hardly a plebiscite rebellion, more it was a beer bash in the hotel. The anti Viet Nam war protests had more general appeal but took dedicated fueling from media by Walter, Hollywood, and dare I say Communist elements. Yes the racial equality movement was a bonafide ground swell. But this current movement will need to progress against the winds of main stream media and the Executive and Congressional branches of government if it will progress at all.

I for one am surprised it not only still has life but seems to be gaining steam.

Houston, we have a problem!

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