Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Conservative vs Liberal Test

This is a test.

1. If your reaction to this video was outrage at the entitlement mentality, projectile vomit at the distortion of truth, and a sinking feeling as to where our country is headed; you are a conservative.

2. If your reaction to this video was sympathy for the at risk uninsured multitudes, horror at the accuracy of the message, and confidence that our country is finally on the right track; you are a liberal.

On the other hand you may simply be a pragmatist and plan on encouraging your progeny to pursue a career in government as the last bastion of economic security. This, my friend, would be wise. Apply for employment at the Postal Service or Department of Transportation early and often. Forget college or technical training, you will be working for a business that will be taxed out of existance anyway; unless of course the institution provides training for a government position, then go for it.

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