Monday, October 26, 2009

Lest We Forget Who Caused The Problem

Reference: Backyardconservative
Remember the "plenty of blame to go around" theory? Seems like the blame goes to people with "D" associated with them.

But hey, we must save "affordable" housing. Is it un-Christian to challenge house entitlement? I had a rented house/apartment until I graduated from college, worked several years and then bought a complete piece of junk (but it was mine). It never occurred to me that life owed me a house until I had worked for it ... so what did I miss? Where is this mysterious Biblical or Constitutional wording that states everyone is entitled to a house of their own?

Well of course their is that whole Wall Street bunch to blame as well but that would be another video. Some wise man once said "the only thing wrong with capitalism is capitalists." I would say the is a correct Biblical stance to take.

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